Top 3 MUSTS for Marketing Your Local Business Online

While working as a digital marketing agency in Oshawa, we found these three facts about website design, social media and pay per click advertising.
Web Page

97% of all consumers search for local businesses online.
You MUST have an effective and well-designed, conversion-oriented web site that is also mobile ready.

Social Media

68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying.
You MUST be a part of the social conversation in your community to stay relevant and build trust with your potential clients.


6+ times as effective as traditional advertising, you only pay for PPC ads when someone is interested in your product or service.
In combination with search engine optimization, online advertising is a MUST to get your message in the minds of your target audience.


Getting the word out to your local community is no longer a matter of simply placing an ad in the local newspaper. Today, people are going online to search for the local products and services they want - and an increasing percentage of people are searching for local products/services using their mobile devices. Make sure you are being found by the people in your community by reaching out to local marketing experts. We provide local search engine optimization (SEO) services in Oshawa for enhanced local reach.

What To Look For In Effective Local Marketing

Local Online Presence With Sizable Audience

In order to effectively Click here to see which cities we're in already!


Local Social Media Exposure

Social media is such a powerful tool for engaging people - especially people from the community you serve. We create local social media sites that aggregate the various local events and news and become the de-facto place to get news and information about whats going on in the community. Because of this we get a fairly large following and intermixed with these news and event posting, we let people know about your product/service so locals know where they deal with quality local businesses. For the 3% ready to buy at any given time, your message is there for them. For the other who are not buying right now, repeated exposure keeps you top of mind when the need for your service arises, either for the individual or their friends.

Stand Out From The Competition

Some marketing agencies or SEO companies work with more than one of the same type of business in a community and marketing efforts become diluted and similar businesses end up cannibalizing each other. There are lots of city web pages out there that are directories of businesses... but then you as a consumer end up with a list of businesses who sell similar products/services and have to figure out which business to use. You're not going to call each one, and even if you did, there's no good way to judge their quality/value. We work differently to provide quality local seo services. We work with only one high-quality business-type in each community, so you receive all the focus for your product/service.

Effective Mobile Presence

Since mobile devices are becoming more and more important, specifically for local searches, we make sure that your online presence looks as good as possible on mobile devices with emphasis on:

  • PPC ads that show well on mobile with Call Now buttons
  • Responsive web design so your web pages look good on both desktop and mobile
  • Local SEO so when people search for your product/service while they are out, you'll be found

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