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A modern, well-designed web page with marketing in mind converts visitors into buyers.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Targeted ads you only pay for when someone clicks on them.

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Grow Your Business Online

Effective Web Marketing is much more than designing a great website. "If you build it they will come" does not work in the real world. Ongoing Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing and online advertising all play very important roles in the continued health and success of an good online presence.
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Social Media Marketing and Web Marketing For Durham Region

If you have a quality business in Durham Region, it's time to harness the power of Social Media, Google and Online Advertising to help promote your products and services.

Imagine if you could get your business in front of over 100,000 people in Durham Region every month and connect you to the 1000's of people who are searching for someone to provide the products and services you offer. Would that change your business?

What if that promotion was only for your business - no competitors listed along with you?

These days, the best way to grow your business is by word of mouth; social media, like Facebook and Twitter, allows people to share their good experiences with all their friends at once.

Even if you already have a company Facebook page, it's probably reaching, at most, about 900 people. These are your family, staff, and dedicated customers and their friends. What if your reach was extended to the entire community via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social media pages reaching over 100,000 people every month in Durham (and growing exponentially)?

We can help you get that kind of exposure because we post all the social activities that happen in each community every week. We post news and helpful articles so our sites are very popular. Intermixed with these social postings, we post information about the best businesses in the community (that's you!) giving the community awareness of the best products and services in the city.

Would you rather search for new customers, or let the people searching for what you do find you? Currently, over 60% of all internet searches are people looking for a local company to do business with. In Canada there are over 2,000,000 searches every hour. This trend has been increasing consistently for over 5 years, there are likely thousands of people in Oshawa searching for your product/service every day.

The challenge small businesses face is the cost, to build a website with full social media content that consistently shows up on the first page of a search is about $25,000. To do the work necessary to keep it on the first page of Google search results costs about $10,000 a year. The costs is so high because in order to make sure a business is real and reputable, the search engines have devised complex algorithms to test the company and make sure they are legitimate and high quality. They keep refining these formulas changing them over 500 times a year. To stay on the first page takes a constant effort, testing to see what your ranking is, tweaking your website and social media presence to stay ahead of the changes.

These statistical trends and costs are the foundation of the service we offer, but instead of costing you thousands of dollars a month, we make our services available at an affordable rate. Additionally, as a Chamber or Board of Trade member you will save 50% for the first 6 months.

Our standard package includes a search engine optimized (SEO) lead generation page linked to your website connecting the people searching for what you do to your website. It includes a social media post every week to our community social media sites, and 20% of you subscription fee goes to pay per click advertising (PPC), enabling you to generate focused advertisements appropriate for the seasonal shifts in your business. We also generate a report each month for the previous month and review it with you to discuss how you are doing.

We are a full service Advertising, Marketing and Sales agency so we also provide printing, signage, radio and television as well as in store and YouTube video content if you need it. We can do market research, direct corporate sales, whatever you need.

Here are some examples of our clients lead generation pages:

Client experience on average 10 to 15% growth a year as a result of our services.

And our social media pages for Best in Oshawa:


Kick your online marketing into high gear.