Video Is Effective and Powerful

1 minute of video = 1.8 million words

VideoTo really appeal to your target audience, you need to make a connection with them emotionally. Text can do it, but people don't have the patience to read long stories. Images are better, but nothing touches a person’s heart and emotions like video. Video is the best embodiment of real life as we experience it, only you get to control the situation. We deliver small business, government and corporate video production services in Oshawa to target the right audience instantly.

We work collaboratively with you, guiding you through the video production process from creative concept to edited, polished video. With more than 30 years experience in video production, we know how to get it right the first time, telling your story effectively on topics ranging from agriculture to nuclear energy, from health to manufacturing. Your video will be custom designed to fit your needs to build your brand for sales and marketing, for informational purposes, public awareness, training, documentaries, and Public Service Announcements (PSA’s).

As a leading video production company, we love what we do as filmmakers and we’re good at it!


Developing Your Creative Story

Video storyboard

Tell your story with quality produced video that is worthy of what you have to offer. Our high quality story telling ability comes from a unique blend of the high end technology tools that we employ, combined with our attention to detail and love for being creative. We also employ continuous learning, engaging new techniques and technologies as they come available.

We get to know what you want to accomplish with your video. We make sure we understand your goals and collaboratively work with you to develop the creative story that best tells your story with our video production services in Oshawa. You'll see the concept in storyboard format along with how we plan to film it.


Filming in High Definition (HD)

Stiles Creative video production at work

We'll help you decide on the ideal location to shoot your video and help find the right talent to tell your story. Our professional film crew will bring our HD camera package and associated equipment to the shooting location. We can handle everything from a simple storefront location shoot, to a swooping helicopter panarama, depending on your needs.

Some projects require animated graphics and logos. We'll work with you to develop these as needed. We can even produce the same video in multiple languages and include closed captioning.


Video Production and Delivery

Stats about using video

After digitally editing the video and you approve of the final product, we deliver the video to you in the format of your choice - ready for websites, mobile devices or television. Strategic use of your video allows you to connect more fully with your clients and establish you as the expert increasing conversion. Whether you use your video on your homepage, landing pages, Facebook, or to liven up emails, your videos act as more of a personal interaction with your viewer, leading them to the desired action to take the action promoted in your video.

Let's Get Started

From Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) to Corporate and Government projects, we have access to the equipment, expertise, and experience to make you successful in telling your story with video. Contact us to arrange a meeting where we can begin talking about how video will help you.

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