Competitor Analysis &
Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint Process

  1. We develop “Personas” semi-fictional representations of what an ideal customer looks like.
  2. We identify your “core” products or services.
  3. We look at your sales and order-processing procedures.
  4. We learn what your customers think of your customer service.
  5. We look at the trends within your market and area to ensure the marketing is aligned to those trends.
  6. We look at your current marketing efforts as compared to leading practices.
  7. We do the same for your primary competitors to uncover their strengths.
  8. Based on the research, we will be able to develop a strategic plan.
  9. We will work with you to decide how to measure success.
  10. We will develop a tactical rollout of that strategy with actions and milestones.
  11. We will develop a budget and 3 different options for approaches.
  12. We will project what your ROI is likely to be based on industry experience.

Digital Marketing Strategy 

Owners of most businesses are experts at what they do, but find the world of Digital Marketing to be overwhelming. This is especially true when you consider the breadth of tools, techniques, and knowledge required to do it even reasonably well. The good news is, digital marketing works very well, but it does take an experienced digital marketing strategy expert to navigate the options and put in place the best plan for your goals, while you continue delivering your product or service.

Get A Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis is a key component of a digital marketing strategy. It will help determine your competitors strengths, weaknesses, what strategies they are using and position you compared to them.


“Exceptional Results!! We grew our business by 20% the first year and the growth continues. I would not hesitate to recommend TDMP to any type of business new or old. Thank you to the team at TDMP!”

Michael Guzzo, Bella Notte Ristorante

“Very Personable. The website got done very quickly and they were very professional throughout. Each step of the process was completed on time and there were no issues at all. I recommend these guys to anyone who needs a website for their business.”

Brian O'Connor, K9 Central Pet Resort and Spa

“Always There When You Need Them. The Digital Marketing People really do a good job of taking care of us. These folks are very helpful and friendly and their service is invaluable. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Michelle Chamberlain, Great Oshawa Chamber of Commerce

“The team met with me on several occasions to get a clear vision of what my needs were for my website and then communicated with me regularly throughout the process to ensure the project was coming together as I had hoped. Very friendly, professional, and efficient!”

Kimberly Blanchard, CUPE Local 2936

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