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Digital Marketing Strategy

Completing a competitor analysis and a digital marketing review or a strategic marketing plan spans many disciplines and covers many topics. Here’s what you should consider.

  1. Expert Strategy With A Digital Marketing Consultant
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Website Conversion Optimization Analysis
  5. PPC Campaign Analysis
  6. Customer Persona Creation
  7. Strategic Planning

1) Expert Strategy With A Digital Marketing Consultant

Owners of most businesses are experts at what they do, but find the world of Digital Marketing to be overwhelming. This is especially true when you consider the breadth of tools, techniques, and knowledge required to do it even reasonably well. The good news is, digital marketing works very well, but it does take an experienced digital marketing expert to navigate the options and put in place the best plan for your goals, while you continue delivering your product or service.

2) Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint

Jumping into delivering services without a thorough understanding of your business is a big mistake. Until we understand your goals and the digital landscape surrounding your business and where you are today, it is simply not possible to guess at the right recommendations that will help you reach your goals.

It is much like visiting a doctor. The doctor can’t treat you until they speak with you, find out where your pain is, how bad it is, and what symptoms you have. Once they know that they can decide if they can treat you or if they need to refer you to someone else.

Discovery Meeting

The first step in our process is an online meeting with the person who is authorized to make decisions for the company. This is a “discovery” meeting. It is designed to give us an understanding of your organization’s goals and objectives. We discuss:

  • What challenges is your organization facing?
  • What are the burning issues?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • How does your organization market now?
  • What does an ideal customer look like?

The meeting takes about an hour, during the meeting the decision-maker may feel we are not a good fit, or we may feel we cannot help you, which is fine. The only thing we ask is, at the end of the meeting, a decision will be made either to take the next step or to part ways.

Digital Marketing Blueprint Process

For us, the next step is an engagement to do a “Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint”, this is a “paid engagement”. 

Digital marketing, much like the human body is extremely complex, in order to develop a successful strategy, a lot of research needs to be done. Just like after you meet with the Doctor, they send you for tests and examine the test results. The same is true for us, we call this process blueprinting.

A Digital Marketing Blueprint, which outlines exactly what your business needs,

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint? In simple terms, it is a strategic marketing and advertising plan. 

  • We develop “Personas” semi-fictional representations of what an ideal customer looks like. These are used to target your marketing advertising to those people most likely to become customers. We usually develop 3 personas.
  • We identify your “core” products or services.
  • We look at your sales and order-processing procedures.
  • We learn what your customers think of your customer service.
  • We look at the trends within your market and area to ensure the marketing is aligned to those trends.
  • We look at your current marketing efforts as compared to leading practices.
  • We do the same for your primary competitors to uncover their strengths and weaknesses to uncover opportunities and threats, an apples to apples comparison.
  • Based on the research, we will be able to develop a strategic plan, decide what tools are the best tools to use and how best to use them.
  • We will work with you to decide how to measure success and what key performance indicators need to be tracked and reported on. 
  • We will develop a tactical rollout of that strategy with actions and milestones.
  • We will develop a budget and 3 different options for approaches. 
  • We will project what your ROI is likely to be based on industry experience 

The resulting document is a discussion document, we will work with you to refine it into a plan that can be implemented. 

The report and all the research is yours, it is a strategic marketing plan for your business. You can use it as a request for proposal (RFP) document and send it to other agencies or you can engage with us to implement it.

3) Competitor Analysis

When trying to position your business in the best way online, it’s always an important step to compare what your competitors are doing and note what they are doing comparatively well and poorly. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions about what you should do to improve your business’ visibility and growth strategies using digital marketing.

There are five key areas we focus on in a competitor analysis:

  1. Website Content Benchmarks
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing
  4. Social Media Engagement
  5. Lead Nurturing Calls to Action (Conversion Optimization)

Competitor Analysis Process Video

4) Website Conversion Optimization Analysisdigital marketing strategy

It’s one thing to have a beautiful, responsive website, but another thing entirely to make sure the website is converting visitors into customers for your business. That’s called “Conversion Optimization”.

Your website should adhere to a set of digital marketing best practices to make sure it’s doing its job, which is to convert visitors into customers. “Conversion” for you may mean prospects picking up the phone and calling you or filling out an interest form or some other valued action on your website. Whatever your goal, your website can’t just be pretty – it has to convert! Otherwise, you’ve metaphorically spent a lot of money on a fancy sign that doesn’t bring in any new customers. Website marketing is critical.

Conversion optimization means focusing on content that talks about benefits to potential clients (not the features of your offerings), calls-to-action and a way to track what is working and what is not. It’s optimizing for fast-loading page speed and reducing any friction that might be causing would-be clients to leave and go elsewhere.

If you don’t have a conversion-optimized website, your business is likely missing out on many leads that could be yours.

5) PPC Campaign Analysis

Managing a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaign is not easy. There’s a lot of nitty-gritty details to manage and optimize. That’s why the certification guides are hundreds of pages in length and require significant experience to do properly. Without an optimized PPC campaign, you’re very likely wasting money and losing lead opportunities every day.

If you’ve been running your own PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns, or if you are not happy with the results from a previous campaign manager, we can run a diagnostic on your advertising campaign and report back on and implement optimization opportunities.

We’ll check to make sure every dollar spent on PPC advertising is money well spent and if not, come back with a plan to get things on track.

6) Customer Persona Creationdigital marketing strategy

Personas represent your ideal client – the demographics, psycho-graphics, and needs that your ideal (or most typical) customer has… personified in a named summary that can be referred to for all future digital marketing efforts.

When we know who we are marketing to, all of the messaging and targeting can be laser-focused to reach your true potential clients and avoid wasting your marketing dollars on spreading a message to people who are unlikely to become your clients.

We can work with you to help identify the personas most important to your business and then use these personas to craft your message specific to them.

7) Strategic Planning

If you are in need of an overall strategic marketing plan, our team of experienced sales and marketing professionals can work with you to create a plan that includes (but is not limited to) digital marketing, off-line marketing, on-premise enhancements, sales process, and help put together all of the component pieces of your marketing puzzle.

Each business is slightly different, so this process will involve us understanding your business and goals and then strategizing with your leadership team about the best way to reach your organization’s goals.

The output is a clear and focused marketing strategy document that will serve as a guide for all marketing efforts for the next few years for your organization. Adherence to the plan in this document is the best chance for reaching your organization’s goals.

Contact us for more information about a competitor analysis for your business today.