To set up your Get Found Accelerator account, please complete the following two items.
Note: we can assist with these setup steps if you prefer us to do this.

  1. Set up your domain to point to your new landing pages
    We’ll create several landing pages matching your keywords and locations. Ideally, this will be a subdomain like (where “local” is the subdomain). You’ll need to add a domain “A record” for your subdomain pointing to
    NOTE: If you can’t access your domain, we can set up these A records on a “ghost domain” like
  2. Add a manager to your Google Business Profile.

    1. Login to the Google account that manages your GBP, then visit
    2. Click on your location so you see “Your business on Google” with sections below that heading to edit the profile.
    3. At the top right of that section, click the 3-dot menu and select “Business Profile Settings”
    4. Select “Managers”
    5. Click the “Add” button
    6. Add this group number into the email field: 5870428207 (select the user “Get Found Accelerator Management” that appears)
    7. Choose the role of “Manager”
    8. Click invite.