To get your Get Found Accelerator account set up, please complete the following 2 items before the onboarding meeting:

  1. We’ll create a number of landing pages matching your keywords and locations. To provide a digital location for your landing pages, add the Get Found Accelerator “A Records” to your domain.
    You’ll need to add 2 domain A records for your subdomain pointing to and
    NOTE: If you don’t have access to your domain, we can set up these A records for you on a “ghost domain” like This is less ideal, but will still work.
    The following instructions will help in completing this setup.

    1. DIY GoDaddy instructions:
    2. Have us do this for you (grant us access to your domain on GoDaddy):
    3. DIY cPanel:
  2. Log into your Google Business Profile at
    1. Scroll down to users and click
    2. Click add users
    3. One at a time, add these 3 numbers into the names or email field: (5375232154, 5741278201, and 5870428207)
    4. Choose the role of “Manager”
    5. Click invite.