Top 3 MUSTS for Online Advertising

As a PPC agency in Oshawa, we have determined three reasons you need PPC services for effective paid advertising.
Web Page

6+ times as effective as traditional advertising, with PPC you only pay when someone visits your page and your ad is only shown to people interested in your product or service.
To optimize your advertising spending, you MUST be using targetted Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Social Media

Mobile devices will account for 50 percent of all paid search clicks on Google in the United States by December 2015
With PPC, you can specifically target mobile devices, which is a MUST with mobile device usage increasing so quickly.


Google Ads account for 64.6% of clicks for high commercial intent keyword searches.
Paid advertising is a MUST if you want to capture the highest amount of leads possible.


In traditional advertising, you are hunting for your customers. It is very expensive and difficult to target the right audience. Online advertising or Pay-Per-Click(PPC) advertising allows you to turn things around and allow your customers to hunt you by only showing ads to people when they are looking for what you offer and then, only paying for the ad if the show intent by clicking on the ad.

What to Look For In Effective Online Advertising

Google AdWords Certified Partner

The system for setting up, monitoring and having success at PPC advertising is very complex with many moving parts. Make sure you are working with someone who has taken the initiative to study the system and pass Google's AdWords certification exam.

Excellent Keyword Research

Similar with search engine optimzation (SEO), choosing the right keywords will make sure your ad is targeted, showing up for people who are search for what you have to offer. Not only does the targeting matter, each keyword costs a different amount and your keywords, in combination with your ads and landing pages determine how much you pay for each click. Make every ad click count by making sure you are targeting the right keywords.

A Mix of Advertising Platforms

Most people do their searches on Google, however, Google is not the only game in town. You may have potential customers on other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks. We will help determine which platforms make the most sense for advertising your business.

Realistic Budget and Expectations

PPC advertising is much more effective than traditional advertising, but there is no magic bullet, especially when starting out. PPC marketing can take several months to adjustments to make an effecting advertising campaign. To have an effective campaign, we recommend allocating at least $5/day of PPC advertising spending. PPC advertising should always go hand-in-hand with effective SEO and split-testing

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