Top 3 MUSTS for Search Engine Optimization

As an SEO agency in Oshawa we help with enhancing the search presence of your website to achieve the top results with the help of seo specialist.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
You MUST be sure you are being found when potential clients search for your product or service.


Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%
You MUST be sure your web site is correctly targetting the keywords your audience is searching for.


On Google, 18% of organic clicks go to the #1 position, 10% of organic clicks go to the #2 position, and 7% of organic clicks go to the #3 position.
You MUST work toward being among the the top search results.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services makes sure that you are being found by people searching for your products/services on Google and other search engines.

There are good ways and bad ways to do SEO. Since Google updates it's methods for search indexing over 500 times/year, it's very important that SEO be done properly to accommodate the changes. The Digital Marketing People, as a professional search engine optimization company in Oshawa, Canada assists in making your website search engine friendly.

What to Look For In Great SEO

Excellent Keyword Research

All SEO efforts begin with research that discovers which words/terms people are using to find your product/service. We often find that people use unexpected keywords to search for your product/service. Ideally you'll want to target low-competition keywords that are not too expensive, but have enough monthly search volume to make attacking it worthwhile.

Effective On-Page SEO

On Page SEO services includes whatever you can do on your own website to make is easy to index by Google and other search engines. It's making landing pages that are relevant, based on keyword searches and standards-based code with behind the scenes codes to make search engines favor your page.

Continuous Off-Page SEO

These are actions you can take outside of your website, usually in the form of quality links back to your site which help Google and other search engines recognize you as the expert you are in your particular niche.

Ongoing Split Testing (aka A/B Testing / Multivariate Testing / Content Experiments / Website Optimization)

Split Testing

Even experience and best guesses at getting your message across to your audience effectively can be wrong, or at least not ideal. Even if you have the right message, if it is presented slightly differently, it could increase your visitor to buyer conversion rate. The only way to consistently improve a website (as defined by having visitors complete some kind of goal, such as filling out a form, purchasing, etc.) is to split test.

With split testing, we take your existing webpage and, using our knowledge and experience, change something in hopes that it will convert better. We then setup an experiment or test where some visitors see the original page and some see the new variation. We gather statistics about how many people complete the goal you set. When we figure out which variation works best we remove the losing page and use only the winning page. Then we set up a new test. This way your web site is constantly improving conversion with real data.

There's no good way to predict what will work and what won't without testing. Every audience and website are different. Data driving decision making is the only true way to consistently make conversion improvements.

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