You’re now preparing for the Christmas shopping period, and you probably also have plans for a New Year’s clearance sale to kick in as the festive season winds down. You can use Facebook ads to increase the success of your sale. Here are 4 tips to create effective e-commerce marketing campaigns on Facebook, in time for your New Year’s clearance.

Constantly Improve Your Brand Identity

Facebook is a very powerful tool for building an identity, and creating an identity is the foundation of your business. Aside from any other strategies you use in your Facebook marketing, you should be using the platform to develop and improve that identity. Incorporate your branding into all social media content, whether direct ads or other posts. In the build-up to the sale, associate your brand with events, people, causes, and products that are most likely to draw the right audience. By the time the sale starts, you will have more loyal followers and, thus, more potential sales.

Re-target to Close Sales

Facebook is a perfect place to retarget customers you have already gained but who have not yet completed purchases. You can offer special deals to users who visited your site but never subscribed, or who placed items in their shopping cart and never checked out. Target their Facebook feeds with special offers designed to bring them back.

Advertise Multiple Products at Once

Multiple-product ads can be extremely successful. There are indications that they are efficient and more attractive to customers. The more products they can see, the more reason they have to click.

Go Soft Sell

Instead of posting an ad that specifically tries to sell a product or products, create ads that lead towards a sale via a more indirect route. This may sound contradictory, but remember that Facebook users see advertising everywhere and mostly manage to tune it out. So, instead of just putting your product in front of them, draw attention to something that is connected obliquely to your brand – perhaps an event in which your products will feature in some way. This creates interest in your brand in a gentler, more ‘soft sell’ way, which is likely to not only be very refreshing for your audience, but also to make more of an impression on them.

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