Determining how to spend your advertising budget online can be tough. In this blog post, the PPC experts at Digital Marketing People discuss the key differences that you need to keep in mind when deciding between Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

With Google Adwords, you’ve got Gmail ads, YouTube, the display network, and a variety of bits. With Facebook, you’ve got the world’s biggest social media platform. Which one is more effective? We investigate:

Google AdWords 

Google AdWords is the highest quality leads you can generate for your business, but they are on average about five times more expensive than a Facebook lead. A search based lead is a very high-quality lead because it is intent-based. Someone has a problem, they search for a solution online, see an ad about the problem and get taken to a landing page that is tailored to speak to their specific challenge.


On Facebook, people are not searching for a problem so there are not intent-based leads. What you can do, however, is target people who might have that problem. You can create lookalike audiences and find the small segment of people who might have that problem, so if you do your targeting right, you can also find high-quality leads.

People will scroll in their newsfeed on Facebook and see your ad. The cost for these leads is lower, but you need to plan how you are going to turn the Facebook user into a client with captivating and engaging content.

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