When it comes to digital marketing, there are two ways to go about getting results:

  1. The Long Play: This involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email & Marketing Automation, Reputation Management and more. These digital marketing topics build assets over time that will work for you long after you stop paying for them but have a much longer startup phase and longer return cycle (ROI).
  2. The Fast Play: Paid Advertising, usually in the form of Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). PPC allows you to “jump the queue” as it were, getting your ads in front of people immediately for an almost instant gain.  Time and skill allow for significant optimization of a PPC account, but the benefits cease as soon as you stop paying for the ads.

For most businesses with goals to grow, the best option is a mix of these strategies so it’s important to understand all of the aspects, at least to some degree.

When it comes to PPC, understanding stats like CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), CTR (Click Through Ratio) and CVR (Conversion Rate) can help you keep your ad spend under control and ensure the ROI you are looking for. Acquisio, a big name in PPC automation has created the following infographic outlining stats by industry for these varying PPC areas.

Infographic originally posted at https://www.acquisio.com/blog/innovation/google-adwords-industry-benchmarks-2018-infographic/

Google Adwords Industry Benchmarks by Acquisio