For many companies, Valentine’s Day is one of the most profitable events and occasions of the year. However, just how successful it will be, will depend heavily on the digital marketing campaign that you decide to run and how effectively it will grab and entice your target audience. Below, we highlight three amazing Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns over the past few years that really hit the mark. 

Ford’s Valentine’s Day Video 

Ford embraced the power of video content marketing for Valentine’s Day of 2015. They created a hilarious prank video that gave ‘speed’ dating a whole new meaning. The video went viral and sky-rocketed the Ford Mustang’s popularity not only for the duration of the special occasion, but also for many months thereafter. 

The Body Shop’s Instagram Competition

Another example of how a simple digital marketing strategy can transform sales and maximize engagement. The competition was based on Instagram and simply asked followers to ‘send’ a kiss to a friend via the platform. The winner would nab themselves and their friend a gift pack of the brand’s newly released fruit-scented lip balms. The friends were tagged in the posts, which increased the reach. And, the task itself was easy, meaning more people than expected chose to get involved. 

Omaze and Influencer Marketing 

Omaze, a philanthropic-auction platform, decided to utilize influencer marketing to its advantage, roping in popular British celebrity, Idris Elba, to help raise funds for the W.E. Can Lead project. The goal was to supply hundreds of young girls in Sierra Leone with year-long empowerment workshops. The ultimate prize was to win a trip to London and the opportunity to spend a romantic evening at a restaurant with Mr. Elba himself. In order to gain entry into the competition, participants would need to donate a minimum of $10 to W.E. Can Lead. The end result was double the anticipated amount, with a total of $750,000 raised.

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