Email marketing is an exceptionally powerful tool when it comes to the digital world. The secret to making it work for your brand is to ensure that you have built a high-converting email funnel that is tailored to your unique customers. An email funnel is essentially an email marketing strategy designed to nurture leads and drive conversions. It is a chain of emails that are sent automatically to your customers at different stages of the buyer’s journey. 

Ultimately, it is this buyer’s journey that dictates how your email funnel should function.

The Different Stages of the Buyer’s Journey 

The key to creating a high-converting email funnel is sending the right email at the right time. This means developing a strong understanding of the many different stages of the buyer’s journey. The generalized stages look something like this (although they may vary based on your brand):

Stage 1 Is Awareness

This is when the customer has only recently learned about your brand and what it is that you have to offer. Emails sent during this stage need to be helpful and informative, and they need to aid in establishing your brand as a thought-leading entity.

Stage 2 Is Consideration

This is when the customer is still contemplating whether or not your product or service is right for them, and whether they should buy from you or another brand. Be careful about sending emails that oversell during this stage. The focus should still be on teaching and providing helpful information, as well as addressing the customer’s possible pain points and questions. 

Stage 3 Is Conversion:

This is the time when the customer decides to buy from you. It is that delicate stage when leads either convert into sales or when then customer decides not to proceed. The focus of your email content during this time should be on backing up the features of your products and services with relevant benefits. You should also strive to entice them to make that purchase with the help of discounts or promotions.

Stage 4 Is Loyalty

The funnel does not end when the customer makes a conversion. After all, you will want them consistently coming back for more! Stage 4 focuses on turning customers into fans. This means sending targeted content that will engage and delight. 

Stage 5 Is Advocacy

This is when you will be convincing your fans to share their knowledge of your brand and its products/services with the world. Strive to send plenty of shareable content that is personalized to them. 

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