When it comes to digital marketing, people immediately think of search engine optimization (SEO) for more traffic, leads, and, ultimately, sales. Optimizing your content according to SEO principles results in your website appearing more often in search results. But, it is often spoken about in hushed and revered tones because Google (and other search engines) update SEO algorithms notoriously often. (According to those in the know, Google makes more than 500 changes over a year.)

As a small business owner, bang for your buck is essential. Here are 6 tips to boost your local online marketing with sound SEO practices:

Be Valuable

The definitive way to keep Google and other search engines happy are to deliver authoritative, evergreen content. It will improve your search engine optimization because Google looks for pages that contain top-quality, pertinent information about the searcher’s query. The bonus is that quality content is what your current and future customers will share.

Be a Brainiac

Google’s RankBrain is part of the algorithm which infers how users find pages that do not have the exact words that they searched for. Using compound, multi-word keywords (long- and medium-tail keywords) helps RankBrain link you to thousands of similar keywords.

Be Strategic about Keyword Optimization

Using your keyword list in your site’s content needs to be done properly. Ideally, each webpage should target a core term and a collection of related terms. However, for the sake of a better user experience (which in turn leads to longer time spent on your pages and increased social sharing and links to you), the content needs to flow naturally.

Be Video Savvy

Digital marketing involves charming existing clients and new leads so that you can develop faithful relationships with them. Video ticks both these boxes because:

  • Video content makes for good user engagement.
  • It shows you value their time – a one-minute video is far easier to absorb than a 300-word article.
  • Bonus: video is a great SEO tool when you integrate them into the rest of your content, use titles and descriptions to make them searchable and enhance their audio and visual quality.

Be Transparent

How people perceive your business can make or break you. A well-optimized Google My Business listing gives you a measure of control in managing your online reputation while at the same time increasing your chances of appearing in Google features like the Local Pack and Maps.

Be Clear 

Make sure that critical information is clearly marked and easy to find: 

    1. Tell page visitors how they should do business with you – call, pop in, or email for additional info. 
    2. Display your location and operating hours. 
    3. Offer a phone number, email, social media messaging options, and/or live chat. 

Ask the Experts

Are you interested in digital marketing methods and strategies to boost your status and help you generate new leads? The Digital Marketing People (a digital marketing agency) offers a range of internet marketing techniques – including local SEO and web design  – that can be customized for your business. For more information, contact us today.