Even the top web design experts are not mind-readers (although some come close!) For a quick and easy process, you need to provide some key information (for example, goals, deadlines, budget and expectations) in a website design brief to ensure a five-star result.

Information About Your Business

For your website to accurately represent your brand, include in your brief the answers to these questions:

  • Overview:
    What does your company do? What are your offerings (products and/or services)? How long you have been around? How big or small is your business?
  • Image:
    What is your vision for the future of your brand? How would you like to be perceived in the marketplace?
  • Others:
    Describe your ideal customers. Who are your top three competitors?

The Website

This is the meat of the brief. If you aren’t sure of the terminology, write it out or include a screenshot. These questions will help you to cover all the bases:

  • General:
    What prompted you to get a new website? What do and don’t you like about your existing website? What does your ideal website look like? What metrics will determine the success of the website?
  • Practical:
    What sections will your website require? What features and functions (for example, a search box, blog, e-commerce, forms, Google maps, and so on) do you require?
  • Design:
    Is the website going to be contemporary or traditional, serious or light-hearted, personal or professional? What colours, fonts, graphics and icons make up its style?

Target Market

Who is your website meant for? Which age group, gender, location, language, role (such as the public, in-house teams, learners, professionals) are you targeting? What is the above-mentioned person using your website for?

Time and Money 

Your budget and timeline are important elements of the website design brief. 

Ask the Experts

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