Anchor text refers to the written words on a page that are hyperlinked to another URL, regardless of whether it is an internal or external hyperlink. While you can make the hyperlink any colour, the default and most recognizable type of anchor text is blue and underlined.

‘Inbound links’ refer to URLs on external websites that are pointing back to your website. As a website owner, you won’t have much control over the anchor text that another website uses to link to your site, but you do have control over the anchor text that you use to link to both internal and external web pages from your site.

The best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when writing anchor text is as follows:

  • Keep it clear and simple,
  • Make sure the anchor text is an accurate description of the page you are linking to,
  • Low keyword density (don’t include too many keywords),
  • Be specific (don’t use a generic phrase),
  • Mix up the keyword (don’t use the same anchor text on every single page as this may appear spammy to Google), and
  • Use natural language.

There are other types of anchor text that can also be used, including:

  • A naked link (where the links to Google, for example),
  • A generic phrase such as ‘Click here’ to link to another page, and/or
  • A hyperlink to an image.

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