Finished the Google Adwords Fundamentals certification guide this morning.

424 pages. The exam was 91 questions and 120-minute time limit.

I took the test in the afternoon – used 1 hour of the 2-hour time limit and got 93%. Not bad… and by the end of the exam realized which questions I had made mistakes on. Afterward, I realized that there are 2 other exams to take.

  • Google Display Network Advanced
  • Google Search Network Advanced

So, I’ll slowly work my way through those too.

More importantly, had a team meeting today and decided how we’re going to add PPC spending to our existing clients without increasing their current payments – a great resolution for our clients! Both of the directors (myself (Eric) and Kevin) already had the same numbers in mind, so the decision was easy.

Since a large part of our service is promoting our clients via social media, we also formalized a budget for growing our Facebook fan base that will grow with our clients.

Feeling optimistic about being able to drive more traffic to our clients – starting on Monday I’ll be contacting each client to inform them of the change, get their goals and set up Adwords campaigns for them. Since they are all new Adwords users, they all get a bonus of $300 of spend for only $100 using Google Partner coupons (thanks, Google!).