Maturity Is When All of Your Mirrors Turn Into Windows

Maturity is when all of your Mirrors turn into Windows. – Chet Holmes

I love this quote because it shows how when we stop thinking about and talking about ourselves, and looking at other people and how we can better serve them, only then are we able to take ourselves to the next level. We’ve been using that phrase a lot recently… “Take your business to the next level.” I think in order to do that it requires a new stage of understanding – of how to position your business and yourself in a way that is not coming across as “markety” or pushy or all about you.

When you truly look at other with a genuine interest in improving their lives with your products and services, your business will succeed like never before. This is just common sense, but often just a platitude… something we all recognize as true and say, but few actually do it. It’s time we started actually doing it.

Local Content Rules

I’ve been experimenting with one of the Facebook pages I run, Things To Do In Oshawa.

Every day, I aggregate what’s going on in the city and post a summary of what’s happening to keep locals informed about local events/activities. Those regularly get a reach of about 600-700. They are just text with links to the event details – nothing fancy. That happens 3 times/day, one in the morning, one in the early afternoon, and one in the evening (that summarizes what happens the next day).

From time to time, I also post a short status about my clients’ products/services so those of the 3% looking for that particular thing will have top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA). Those posts get maybe 200+ reach.

Also, from time to time, I’ll post a funny picture – just a random funny picture, not even from the Oshawa. Although those get liked and shared more often than the event/activity statuses, they usually only get 400-500 reach. Seems Facebook has been bumping up the reach of just plain text posts.

Here’s the interesting part. I’ve been experimenting with posting “True Oshawa Facts”… images from the local area with simple text on them (create using These statuses have been getting HUGE likes and shares… and reach. For example, this post (shown on the right), has reached more than 23,000 people (and comments and like are still trickling in weeks later)! Other local “True Oshawa Facts” are regularly getting 2000+ reach.

When people can really relate/resonate with a post, be it text or image, the interaction and reach go way up. If you’re looking to boost the reach of your posts, try something local and something people can identify with. It’s been working great for us.

Review of 7 Ways To Be Insufferable on Facebook

I just read an article that was so compelling I just had to share it:

It’s entitled: 7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook

Wow – sooo many people do these things, me included I’m sure. We all hate it when other people do these things, but at the same time we are guilty of doing of them ourselves.

If you want to be a good citizen on Facebook, *ESPECIALLY* as you are acting on behalf of your business, be sure to always have your friends/public/clients in mind when you post and don’t post for self-gratification. Often, that simply means conveying the same idea with slightly different words.

Instead of: “I had a wonderful day today – made $500!”, try “We gained SO many great new clients today – awesome”. That makes it about them instead of you.

I think you get the idea… always make it about the other person, not you. Then you’ll have much better interaction and success online!