Maturity Is When All of Your Mirrors Turn Into Windows

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Maturity is when all of your Mirrors turn into Windows. – Chet Holmes

I love this quote because it shows how when we stop thinking about and talking about ourselves, and looking at other people and how we can better serve them, only then are we able to take ourselves to the next level. We’ve been using that phrase a lot recently… “Take your business to the next level.” I think in order to do that it requires a new stage of understanding – of how to position your business and yourself in a way that is not coming across as “markety” or pushy or all about you.

When you truly look at other with a genuine interest in improving their lives with your products and services, your business will succeed like never before. This is just common sense, but often just a platitude… something we all recognize as true and say, but few actually do it. It’s time we started actually doing it.

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