Your website doesn’t exist in a silo; it’s part of a big network of content pages, multimedia and information online. If you are in a particularly competitive industry, then it’s possible that your SEO services efforts aren’t yielding the results you want because your competitors are claiming all the top spots for the keywords you want to rank for. Here are a few steps to follow if you want to analyze your competitor’s SEO strategy:

Determine who your internet competitors are

You might have a good idea of who your industry competitors are, but it’s possible that your online competition looks a bit different. There could be indirect competitors who offer related products or services that are outranking you for your chosen keywords. Hop onto Google to see which brands are ranking for search terms in your niche.

Analyze their websites

Go to their websites and check out how they have designed their sites, what type of content they are publishing, and what types of multimedia they use. Do a site inspection and consider what type of website user experience they offer visitors to their site and how your website stacks up.

Check out SEO factors

Do your competitors use static or dynamic URLs? What keywords are they using in their headings and subheadings? Do they have many internal URLs and what type of anchor text are they using?

Browse social media platforms

Are your competitors using social media channels to connect with their customers? Find out which platforms they are using, how often they are posting content, whether they are generating their own content or curating content for these channels, and how many people are following them on these platforms. Social signals can have an impact on your search engine rankings, so having a solid understanding of how your competition performs can influence your own strategy and efforts.

These are only a few ways to kickstart a competitor SEO analysis. Contact The Digital Marketing People for local SEO and other Search Engine Optimization help.