Email marketing remains one of the best way to communicate with your client base. Not only is it on a platform that people prefer to use to engage with brands, but the main benefit of email is that everyone has it. Here are four email marketing basics for beginners:

  1. Get permission

Many countries have serious legislation regarding privacy and the sharing of personal information. You have to make sure that you are emailing people who have given you permission to contact them.

Asking for this permission doesn’t have to be tough. You can have a newsletter sign up button on your home page where you explain what type of information you will be sending people, how often you will be contacting them, what’s in it for them (discounts, coupons or promotions) and how they can opt out if they choose to.

  1. Get on their safe sender list

It’s not hard to end up in a person’s junk mail folder these days. If you send irrelevant information, then a recipient could even mark your email as spam, which can impact your ability to make your way into other people’s inboxes in the future. When a person signs up to receive emails from you, send them a thank you email with instructions on how to add your email address to a safe sender list.

  1. Segment your database

You undoubtedly have more than one type of customer. Segment your target audience into different groups so that you can make sure that people are only receiving information that is relevant to them.

  1. Send quality emails

Your recipients need to be glad to receive communication from you. Make sure you are sending quality content, appealing discounts, and information that they would be pleased to receive. Keep your subject lines short and concise, keep the design of your newsletters crisp and clear, and stick to a regular emailing schedule.

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