Email marketing can be very effective or it can be hit-and-miss or it could miss the mark entirely. The difference is not so much a question of the tool itself, but rather the way you use it. Here are four things you can do to increase the success rate of your email marketing:

Get a Double Opt-In

The worst thing you can do is send emails to people who don’t want to hear from you. The best way to avoid this is to get a double opt-in. Firstly, only send to people who have signed up for your mails on the form on your website. Then, once you have sent your first email, send a follow-up or include a link in your email asking recipients to confirm that they do indeed want to hear from you. This will keep you off the blacklists and also ensure that you’re reaching a receptive audience.

Keep up with Spammer Trends and Make Sure Your Emails Avoid Them 

Spam filters are there to root out emails that look like spam. This means you need to make sure that your mails are free of all the red flags that will trigger the filters. You can’t simply trust that this is an intuitive process; nor is it a set of one-time-only checks. Spam tactics change all the time, and so spam filters need to be constantly updated accordingly. You can use tools such as to test your emails and ensure that they are cleared for the Inbox.

Don’t Use Bought or Borrowed Lists

We would hope that no-one does this anymore! But there are still those who do. It’s a waste of time to buy email lists or acquire them in any other way. You may think you’re gaining access to a massive market, however, this is not how it works out in reality. Sending to any recipients that didn’t ask you to is a sure way to land in the spam folder, get bounced and blacklisted.

Be Careful with Your Content

Spam filters hate emails that are image-heavy, especially if there is a corresponding lack of text. Focus on your copy and keep the images to a minimum, choosing one or two strong ones that support the text.

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