Triggered emails are an invaluable marketing tool. It is an important aspect of email marketing, which allows you to tailor the email content received by various customers and potential customers based on where they are in the sales funnel at any given time. Essentially, triggered emails help to ensure that each potential customer receives the right content at the right time, helping to move them through the funnel towards eventually making a conversion. 

The Different Types of Triggered Emails

Triggered emails may include welcome emails that are sent when someone new signs up to your mailing list, as well as cart abandonment emails, to remind potential customers that they have yet to complete an order. You will need to create these emails and organize them by pre-set triggers. This email marketing automation takes the pressure off you, all the while ensuring that your customers remain engaged and interested in your business and its offerings. 

The Benefits of Triggered Emails 

Triggered emails work to your advantage because they are designed to push a potential customer ever closer to making a purchase. They are considered to be an important part of both email marketing and content marketing and have been proven to boost sales. According to statistics released by Bouncex, marketing software manufacturer, batch-and-blast emails generate only about $0.04 in revenue per send for the average e-commerce retailer, whereas behaviourally triggered emails generate $0.95 in revenue per send. That is quite a substantial difference and signifies just how essential triggered emails can be to any company marketing strategy. 

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