If you’ve ever tried writing marketing or promotional material for a product you either created or own, you’ll fall into the trap of believing you’ve done an effective job, when in fact you haven’t.

As this image illustrates… product engineers tend to communicate about their products from the eyes of a designer, scientist. They want to tell you all of the features, specific points that you need to know about to convince you how intrinsically great the product is. The problem is… no one cares how great the product is… people care about themselves and how a product benefits them

Business owners view the product from the perspective of how their company can serve you and why you’d want to do business with them. They tend to talk about their product and their company and how great it is. The problem is… no one cares about the company… people care about themselves and how a product benefits them.

Marketers understand that people care about how a product will benefit them. The message is not about product features or about the company, it’s about how it makes people feel and what needs/urges the product will satisfy. Its all about how the product/service will benefit the person.

Marketers think about communication differently and getting into that mindset is very challenging for business owners and product engineers. You should ALWAYS have a marketer develop the communication about your product/service. If you are an engineer or business owner, no matter how skilled you are at speaking, persuading, English, etc., you won’t think like a marketer – and it’s that thinking that sells your product/service.

For more information on creating a communicating from the perspective of customer benefits, see our course on Udemy.