Tired lawyer jokes aside, when people seek legal advice, they are normally emotional, vulnerable and in a bad mood. To catch their attention, law firms should offer germane content on their website. To put prospective clients at ease, gain their trust and get their business, use digital marketing techniques such as lead generation and reputation management.

Content is (Still) King

Not only do small law practices who have blogs on their websites show 126% higher lead growth than those that don’t, content marketing results in conversion rates six times higher than other marketing methods.

When looking for a lawyer, people want authority and authenticity. Your prospects want to feel connected to your firm before they commit.

Well-crafted content shapes you as a go-to source for fresh insights, innovative solutions and legal trends in your clients’ industries. While search engine optimization and keyword research have tremendous value, content marketing pays long-term dividends, and therefore quality trumps SEO.

Legalese is what puts regular folk off the law. Share your knowledge, processes and history in a way that is understandable by the layman, interesting and, where possible, constructed as a story.

Reputation Management

No matter how great a lawyer you are, how you and your firm are perceived carries more weight than your track record. Social media has given a voice to anyone who wants to say anything about you, and positive and negative reviews, comments and conversations about your business abound.

It is essential that you control and improve how your firm is regarded by others by encouraging feedback, constant monitoring, having a response plan ready, handling negative comments skilfully and following through.

Ask the Experts

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