As we look at Internet Marketing services (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Promotion, and Online Advertising) all of those efforts are of no effect and can burn through a lot of money wastefully if the client’s website is not doing its job – which is to tell your story in an effective way so browsers become paying customers. This is called converting, or a conversion.

Most websites are not set up for conversion. They give information and talk a lot about how great their company is, but that’s not what a potential customer wants to see. All buying decisions are emotional – even those who pour through statistics and features still, in the end, make their decision based on a gut feeling. Your job as a business is to convince potential customers (and existing customers) that you are “THE” business to go with. You do that by talking about benefits to the user, not features or your product. Make it all about the customer, not your business. You develop a core story that uses compelling information and sets you up as an expert. This builds trust and makes the emotional decision to go with you much simpler.

When people search for information, it is usually in the form of a specific query, not a generic one. When users search for something specific or click on an ad for a specific product they land on your website. That means you need a large number of “landing pages” that are targeted to convert that user searching for that product/service. Don’t have them land on your more generic home page. Create specific landing pages that are designed to convert. Make it easy for them to contact you. Yes, you’ll end up with a bunch of specific pages, but in the end, those individual pages will be more targeted, specific and conversion oriented, whereas your home page is usually not.

For more information on creating a core story and landing pages, see our course on Udemy.