Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach your audience and convert them into paying customers. Sending regularly-scheduled emails to everyone on your list keeps you top of your fans’ minds and allows you to nurture strong relationships with your contacts.

How To Keep Subscribers Engaged 

Hands up, if you have been tickled pink by a company and you, therefore, happily subscribed to their newsletter. However, fast-forward to a couple of months later, and your inbox is overflowing with newsletters you haven’t even opened, and your enthusiasm has waned considerably. As with all types of marketing, success is not guaranteed when it comes to email marketing. Spam traps, unsubscribes and ignored messages are just some of the stumbling blocks to the success of your campaign.

So, how do you keep your subscribers hooked and interested with your email newsletter design? Here are a hand full of tips:

Know Who the Message Is Aimed at 

All the platforms available for automating your email marketing include the necessary tools to keep your business GDPR compliant, to keep your records accurate and up to date and to filter or segment your database according to your subscribers’ interests and needs.

Getting your email to the right contacts increases your conversions – and keeps your readers wanting more.

Keep it Short and Sweet 

Ask anyone how they are, and ten-to-one they’ll reply “Busy!” Bear that in mind as you design your email and make it easy for your readers to scan the content so as to get your message across in minimal time.

Cut unnecessary noise and focus on only one message you want your readers to remember.

Share Your Personality

Simple formats are the easiest to read. But that doesn’t mean that you need to be boring. Add some personality to your emails to reflect you, your company and your message with originality.

Be Bossy 

At each pause, make sure that it is crystal clear to your readers what your call to action is.

The Digital Marketing People  

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