Google originally introduced its free attribution services to the world of digital marketing in 2017. The service makes it possible for marketers to unify data from various sources, including Google Ads, Google Analytics and DoubleClick Search without any additional tagging, to analyze performance, and to take advantage of effortless reporting for easy optimization going forward. 

Facebook followed suit in 2019 with its own free attribution services, ultimately providing marketers with a host of new opportunities as a result of attribution competition between the world’s two largest advertising platforms. If you are keen to jump on the bandwagon and put these free services to good use, here are 3 helpful tips to keep in mind. 

Understand Each Platform’s Capabilities 

For instance, in terms of cross-platform attribution, Google’s attribution services are limited to Google properties and Facebook clicks (but not impressions), while Facebook’s attributions allow for insights into multiple partners, although there are some major social platforms missing. The services also differ drastically in terms of verifiability. For example, Google’s attribution services’ verifiability capability is low due to the fact that data is confined within the Google-owned ad network. Facebook’s attribution services are somewhat better because cross-platform capabilities enable cross-referencing. 

Get Started ASAP 

You definitely do not want to put off embracing the power of either Google or Facebook’s free attribution services. This is especially true for Facebook, as the tool will not have access to any historical data after set-up has taken place. In short, the tool will only track from the day that you set it up going forward. So, do not wait! 

Enlist the Help of a Professional 

Optimizing Google and Facebook’s free attribution services for your business can be challenging if you are not familiar with social media marketing in general. In this case, it can be endlessly beneficial to enlist the help of a digital marketing professional to assist you in getting the hang of it. 

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