Partnership marketing allows you to develop your audience size by tapping into another business brand’s audience. It can help both business brands promote their brand’s work by working on a shared project that helps market both businesses. The process could be as simple as giving shoutouts to one another or furnishing links on their respective social media platforms or official brand website. A partnership marketing strategy can also help reduce marketing costs on both ends because you’ll be helping each other grow by using your separate channels.

How to Go About Partnership Marketing

If you choose the right partnership digital marketing partner, you can potentially grow your customer base, provide excellent product selection to your audience and clients, and increase your sales as well. Here is how to go about partnership marketing:

Complement Other Brands by Using Partnership Marketing

Companies can complement other brands using partnership marketing without the two companies being in direct competition. For instance, when Disney partnered with YOOX, it helped drive new types of customers to YOOX. Another example was when Taylor Swift partnered with TicketMaster to help make tickets easily accessible to her fans.

Partner with a Business Brand that Complements Your Brand 

A brand partnership helps increase brand awareness of your partner with a business brand your audience will love. However, to achieve this, your partnership must be logical. Make sure that you partner with a business brand that complements your brand without any direct competition.

Partner with a Brand with a Strong and Positive Reputation

Brand partnerships should mutually benefit both brands by improving their small business marketing. It also helps to find a brand with a strong and positive reputation.

Partner with Bloggers

Partnering with bloggers can also help you reach a greater audience because they can feature collaborations with various artists and brands.

Support Your Brand Partners

It is crucial to link out to your brand partners, as well. The success of any partnership is reliant on SEO linking out to their brands on your website. For example, if they sell products in a category on Amazon, you can choose to add a link with their name on top of your top navigation.

Get a Written Contract

While brand partnerships are essential, both of you must sign a written contract to ascertain the partnership to make sure both parties follow the guideline. Whether you need to send emails regularly, post about them online several times weekly, keep their link of your top navigation or other guidelines, you must get it in writing. Hence, if your partner fails to uphold their end of the contract, you can quickly terminate the partnership.

Meet Regularly

Remember that a partnership shouldn’t just be about taking; it’s more about giving as well. Hence, make sure you meet your partner as often as possible to discuss partnership promotion ideas and deals. Remember to treat them like a partner and not a promoter, and provide value to their content marketing as well.

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