Are you still using magazines, leaflets, posters and roadside advertising in your marketing campaigns? These methods are all known to have their place and have proven to be effective in the past. The question is at what cost to your company? And, furthermore, is this cost worth paying in the era of digital marketing?

Demand for print advertising may be declining on the whole. But, many businesses make use of it still, especially to target specific niches that they feel they may not necessarily be able to reach online. However, if going green is important to you, then a full migration to digital marketing platforms is a move you really should consider. Not only would it be more environmentally friendly, but it will also be easier on your budget.

Consider these statistics:

  • According to the Green Press Initiative, the paper and pulp industry is the fourth largest contributor to greenhouse gases in the United States. The World Counts environmental statistics and advocacy project says that, as things currently stand, demand for paper (which businesses contribute towards massively with their advertising campaigns) is expected to double by 2030. It also estimates that Americans waste enough paper in a single year to build a 12-foot wall extending from New York to California.
  • Paper is not the only costly resource in traditional advertising. Billboards, for example, incur a host of other environmental costs, including the materials used to build them, and the power required to light them up. This is not to mention the other major cost in print advertising, namely ink and cartridges. According to The Energy Collective, a factory that produces ink cartridges emits as much CO2 as 500 average North American homes.

These are pretty good reasons not to take out that full-page ad you’ve been contemplating and to stop the presses on those flyers you’ve been handing out for years. If you need any more convincing, it helps that digital is not only greener, but is also cheaper, and has reliable metrics for measuring ROI, which print could simply never have.

The Digital Marketing People can help you move your marketing entirely into the digital space, saving you money and protecting the environment. Contact us to find out what we can do for your brand. We’re proud to be one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada.