What makes digital marketing so fascinating at the moment is that there is a proliferation of data. There are concepts such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, and although those are very specific things, they are all coming together to create enormous opportunities for businesses.

When it comes to digital marketing, all decisions are based on the data that is available. Before data was available, it was hard to tell who was interacting with a television or billboard ad, for example. With digital marketing, everything is being recorded so decisions can be driven by real data.

Many times, people don’t accurately measure all of their different interactions online. This could refer to the organic reach of your website, your engagement rate with Facebook ads, or any other type of digital campaign that you are running.

While most internet marketers are familiar with Google Analytics and other social media tracking apps, ‘data-driven digital marketing’ today often refers to big data marketing. Big data is our ability to take massive amounts of data and derive a story from it. This opens many doors because a few years ago, most of this data was gibberish to us. The entrance of distributed computing and parallel processing changed all of that. Now we can analyze the data, detect patterns and make predictions. With big data, you can now predict customer needs, pain points and even future needs.

Netflix, for example, essentially uses big data to design the success of their product offering. When Netflix created the House of Cards series, they tapped into the massive amount of data that they had collected over the years to guide the creative direction of the series. They were so confident about the show that they signed off for two seasons even before the pilot episode has aired.

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