3 Valentine’s Day Digital Marketing Campaigns That Got It Right

Valentine’s Day

For many companies, Valentine’s Day is one of the most profitable events and occasions of the year. However, just how successful it will be, will depend heavily on the digital marketing campaign that you decide to run and how effectively it will grab and entice your target audience. Below, we highlight three amazing Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns over the past few years that really hit the mark. 

Ford’s Valentine’s Day Video 

Ford embraced the power of video content marketing for Valentine’s Day of 2015. They created a hilarious prank video that gave ‘speed’ dating a whole new meaning. The video went viral and sky-rocketed the Ford Mustang’s popularity not only for the duration of the special occasion, but also for many months thereafter. 

The Body Shop’s Instagram Competition

Another example of how a simple digital marketing strategy can transform sales and maximize engagement. The competition was based on Instagram and simply asked followers to ‘send’ a kiss to a friend via the platform. The winner would nab themselves and their friend a gift pack of the brand’s newly released fruit-scented lip balms. The friends were tagged in the posts, which increased the reach. And, the task itself was easy, meaning more people than expected chose to get involved. 

Omaze and Influencer Marketing 

Omaze, a philanthropic-auction platform, decided to utilize influencer marketing to its advantage, roping in popular British celebrity, Idris Elba, to help raise funds for the W.E. Can Lead project. The goal was to supply hundreds of young girls in Sierra Leone with year-long empowerment workshops. The ultimate prize was to win a trip to London and the opportunity to spend a romantic evening at a restaurant with Mr. Elba himself. In order to gain entry into the competition, participants would need to donate a minimum of $10 to W.E. Can Lead. The end result was double the anticipated amount, with a total of $750,000 raised.

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Watch Out for These Digital Marketing Trends in 2020


You can’t ignore how fast the digital marketing world is growing. From fast and rapid advancements being made annually in visual search and the rapid rise of interactive chatbots in most social messaging platforms aiding social media marketing to the advancing implementation of AI in various marketing functions across vast industries and markets.

2019 was a very competitive season among all digital marketers with all the evolving technologies that were utilized. With technology getting more sophisticated, modern customers will have to be very tech-savvy.

Three Digital Marketing Trends to be on the Lookout for in 2020:

Voice Search

There is no denying that this technological feature keeps getting more advanced, and we can expect that more and more digital marketers will want to utilize this feature in 2020.

For instance, this year alone, most searches have been done by voice searching. One can simply make a mobile query on Google using voice search.

Even though it won’t be easy to replace text-based search, the voice search feature will present an opportunity for digital marketers in 2020 that will help them expand their existing market.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has been one of the fastest-growing strategies over the past few years, and it keeps growing. Small businesses with limited resources should consider leveraging this digital marketing strategy as part of their email marketing by 2020. This will make it easier for small companies to start doing their own video production and stop relying on external agencies. 

Cisco estimated that 82% of internet traffic will be via video by 2022, which means that you won’t have to wait too long to incorporate video as part of your growing business. This efficient marketing tool will mainly be useful for small business marketing as well as social media marketing.

Visual Search

More and more businesses are leveraging visual search due to how fast and easy one can obtain information online using visual search. The image recognition market keeps growing, and it will only be more efficient in 2020.

With visual search, you can easily find a product review online or identify species of plants just by taking a photo or uploading a picture of the object.

This is a fast, interactive, and fun feature that will help small businesses leverage processing visual information using this visual search trend.

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A Guide to Partnership Marketing

partnership marketing

Partnership marketing allows you to develop your audience size by tapping into another business brand’s audience. It can help both business brands promote their brand’s work by working on a shared project that helps market both businesses. The process could be as simple as giving shoutouts to one another or furnishing links on their respective social media platforms or official brand website. A partnership marketing strategy can also help reduce marketing costs on both ends because you’ll be helping each other grow by using your separate channels.

How to Go About Partnership Marketing

If you choose the right partnership digital marketing partner, you can potentially grow your customer base, provide excellent product selection to your audience and clients, and increase your sales as well. Here is how to go about partnership marketing:

Complement Other Brands by Using Partnership Marketing

Companies can complement other brands using partnership marketing without the two companies being in direct competition. For instance, when Disney partnered with YOOX, it helped drive new types of customers to YOOX. Another example was when Taylor Swift partnered with TicketMaster to help make tickets easily accessible to her fans.

Partner with a Business Brand that Complements Your Brand 

A brand partnership helps increase brand awareness of your partner with a business brand your audience will love. However, to achieve this, your partnership must be logical. Make sure that you partner with a business brand that complements your brand without any direct competition.

Partner with a Brand with a Strong and Positive Reputation

Brand partnerships should mutually benefit both brands by improving their small business marketing. It also helps to find a brand with a strong and positive reputation.

Partner with Bloggers

Partnering with bloggers can also help you reach a greater audience because they can feature collaborations with various artists and brands.

Support Your Brand Partners

It is crucial to link out to your brand partners, as well. The success of any partnership is reliant on SEO linking out to their brands on your website. For example, if they sell products in a category on Amazon, you can choose to add a link with their name on top of your top navigation.

Get a Written Contract

While brand partnerships are essential, both of you must sign a written contract to ascertain the partnership to make sure both parties follow the guideline. Whether you need to send emails regularly, post about them online several times weekly, keep their link of your top navigation or other guidelines, you must get it in writing. Hence, if your partner fails to uphold their end of the contract, you can quickly terminate the partnership.

Meet Regularly

Remember that a partnership shouldn’t just be about taking; it’s more about giving as well. Hence, make sure you meet your partner as often as possible to discuss partnership promotion ideas and deals. Remember to treat them like a partner and not a promoter, and provide value to their content marketing as well.

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Successful B2B Small Business Marketing in Just 3 Steps

B2B Small Business Marketing

B2B marketing may come with challenges. But, it also has a number of innate advantages when compared to consumer-based marketing. As a B2B marketer, you are playing in a narrow field in which your prospects are not merely members of a giant mass of consumers, but specific operators within a particular field. Their needs should be relatively apparent to you, and you have the means to fulfill those needs, or you wouldn’t be targeting this particular market in the first place.

Having established this advantage, how does a small business successfully market itself to its clients? Here are the 3 broad and basic steps you should divide your efforts into:

Establish a Firm Knowledge of Your Audience

How well do you really understand the potential clients you are addressing? No matter how well you think you know them, get even better acquainted. Study them, the language they speak, the platforms they frequent, everything about them. Even if you serve a large industry, your market is still quite small compared to companies that target consumers. That only makes it easier for you to understand your audience inside and out. Once you’ve done your research, you will not only know how to address them, but also where.

Build Links Between Your Product and Your Audience

Look at your audience and your product. What is the connection between them? What will the one do for the other? You now know how to reach your audience and how to address them, so now you just have to relate your product to them. Here’s where your marketing creativity kicks in as you tell them; via their preferred platforms (the appropriate social media sites, and the like); why they need your product. And, remember to open the channels they need to acquire it.

Analyze Your Data – And Repeat

This is probably the most important step. Make good use of your analytical tools. Count your clicks and conversions. And, either keep doing what you’re doing or change it as necessary. Keep a constant watch on your data and adjust your approach as you go. This forms a feedback loop that will maintain and strengthen your marketing efforts.

The Digital Marketing People have mastered B2B marketing and can help you set up a winning strategy. Contact us to find out how we can perfect your campaign. 

6 Affordable Social Media Marketing Tactics that Work – Just in Time for Christmas


The festive season is almost here with all its opportunities for stronger customer engagement and increased sales. One great way to boost both your online following and your customer engagement is through social media. If you aren’t making full use of this platform, you really should be. Here are 6 tactics you can use across all the popular social media sites to help you give your business a push. These will work well for the Christmas peak season, but can be successfully applied all year round.

Use a Chatbot

Chatbots are fast becoming ubiquitous in social media marketing and customer support. Thousands of chatbots are active on Facebook Messenger, with more being added all the time, and users are increasingly willing to engage with them. The technology is more responsive than ever, meaning you can create sophisticated algorithms to drive chatbots that will talk to your customers as if you are personally dealing with each question. You never miss an inquiry, all customers are answered and happy, and your staff can focus on tasks that really need their direct attention.

Target Your Video Marketing More Precisely

Everyone is doing their best to make video marketing work. However, you need to remember that social media users are bombarded with video content all day long, everything from ads to cat videos. You can’t compete by throwing your carefully created visual media into the “general population” of the social media world. Forget about going viral. Use keywords, good quality, and clever timing to hit the right audience.

Use Facebook Custom Audience to Hone in on Your Market

Facebook’s Custom Audience feature is something you should absolutely be using by now. If you aren’t yet, then look into it right away! It is the best way to make your PPC spending worthwhile because it enables you to target your advertising specifically at those people most likely to convert their clicks into sales. Say, for instance, you put out an ad that receives a high number of clicks from women aged between 20 and 25. The response from this group is huge but, unfortunately, few of those clicks (each of which you’re paying for, by the way) have been converted into sales. You find instead that men aged between 30 and 35, although fewer of them click, render many more conversions. With Facebook Custom Audience, you can then eliminate the non-converting group and target the converting group alone, maximizing your spending and making more sales.

Generate Short-Lived Content

Many social marketers have scratched their heads wondering how to make content that lasts on platforms where each post only has a lifespan of a few minutes. The approach now is to go the other way. Nobody is going to scroll back through their feed or search to find a story you posted yesterday. So, why not rather create content that appears, makes a strong impression, and then expires. This will generate engagement and drive users to your website if they want more information. Fleeting, tantalizing content is the way to go.

Leverage Voice Search

The ascent of voice search means that you should start shifting your content mix on social media towards a higher proportion of audio and video, as opposed to text. How-to videos, podcasts, and the like, will all be valuable to you as more people adapt to hands-free and reading-free searches.

Make Smart Use of Conversion Tracking

In order to make targeted marketing work, you have to track your clicks and conversions carefully. Facebook Custom Audience, for example, can only work if you have done all your homework. Set specific social media marketing goals and then measure your results against them with as much accuracy as possible. You can then constantly tweak your tactics to hit the targets better.

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What Are the Most Important Google Ranking Factors?


In the world of digital marketing, having a high Google ranking has always been a primary goal.

What is Google Ranking? 

When a user; whether it is a researcher or a potential mega-spending client; types in a keyword or a phrase for Google to search, the position in which your website is listed in the search engine result pages (SERPs) is called your Google keyword ranking. 

Because most search results show ten listings per page, a ranking of 1 means you are at the top of the list, while a ranking of 11 means you are on the second page. The higher your position on a SERP, the more organic traffic your webpage should get, which is why SEO has been such a mainstay of small business marketing.

Although Google’s algorithms change regularly, these are some factors that will up your ranking:

Behind the Scenes 

When using Google, Bing and so on, the loading speed of your pages is estimated by search engine “spiders” based on the HTML code of your site. Chrome user data adds to the accuracy when Chrome is the search engine of choice. The faster, the better.


The old adage that “content is king” still holds true as there are no shortcuts and appropriate content will always be Google’s friend. However, keeping your content up to date is important as the indexing infrastructure, Google Caffeine, values recently published content.

Also, remember to regard your images as a type of content. By optimizing them with their file name, alt text, title, description and captions, you are sending relevancy signals to Google’s bots.


According to Google’s John Mueller, “Having a keyword that appears in the first 100 words of a page’s content is correlated to first page Google rankings, and having your keyword(s) appear as a subheading tag in HTML help us to understand the structure of the page.”

But don’t be tempted to over stuff your content with keywords – see point above!

The Digital Marketing People 

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Data-Driven Digital Marketing. Buzzword Or The Next Big Thing?

digital marketing

Data-driven marketing is the latest buzzword in the industry, and for good reason. It is really all about driving more relevant conversations with your audience and the customers in your organization. 

It makes a huge difference when you are able to give the right message to the right person at the right time and place. While this may sound simple enough, it can be tough to get right. When you are having conversations across so many different channels, you will quickly realize that you have opportunities on mobile, social media, through your website as well as your call centre. 

Customers are looking for an experience that ensures regardless of on which platform (where) they are interacting with you, you need to know everything about them. They expect you to know that they were just on your website and are now calling the customer help-desk about a specific problem.

Most of us have had some kind of disastrous encounter with a call centre, where you explain your problem to one person, only to get put through to the next person (where you have to explain the problem yet again). It’s bad enough when this happens on one channel, but when it happens across multiple channels, the effects can be harmful.

This is the type of problem that data-driven marketing promises to solve. With the proliferation of data, the Internet of Things and cloud computing, we have more information on customers than ever before. We are now at the tip where the opportunities of what we can do to create better customer experiences will explode.

Data-driven marketing, when combined with smart digital marketing strategies, can help to set you apart from your competitors. Contact the Digital Marketing People for more information about small business marketing today.

A Practical Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing

cross channel marketing

If you are creating content online and want to attract new business online, you need a cross-channel marketing strategy. This type of strategy will set out to ensure that as many potential clients as possible are exposed to your brand and messages online, regardless of where they spend their time.

Before you start to create social media profiles on every platform available, there are a few things you need to determine, such as:

Who Are You Marketing To? 

You not only need to know exactly who your ideal clients are, but also what their needs and desires are. By knowing who your target audience is, you will be able to create content that appeals to them specifically.

Where Do They Spend Their Time Online? 

You likely have a few ‘ideal customers’, with some of them reading white papers and the others waiting for more visual content on Instagram. Knowing where your audience spends their time will help you tailor your cross-channel marketing strategy for your brand.

What Challenges Do They Face? 

Instead of writing about how great your product is, write search engine optimized blog posts that address the problems they have.

A visual representation of this information will help you identify the trigger points where you can engage with the right customer at the right time. If a person has downloaded your mobile app, then triggering a push notification if they haven’t opened the app yet is a good example of a cross-marketing trigger point that can be automated as part of your digital strategy.

Customers expect a seamless experience with brands. According to Oracle, close to 80% of consumers now use at least two communication channels before making a buying decision. In addition, 30% use three or more channels before making a buying decision. 

Map out every possible scenario of consumer engagement with your brand to find new communication opportunities. If you need help with your small business marketing, SEO or social media marketing, contact the Digital Marketing People today.

These Are The Key Areas To Focus Your SEO Campaign

Users/searchers should have a seamless experience on your website. To highlight how important the user experience is to Google, here’s a quote from John Meuller, who is the head webmaster trends analyst at Google:


“I see lots and lots of SEO blogs talking about user experience, which I think is a great thing to focus on as well. Because that essentially focuses on what we are trying to look at. We want to rank content that is useful for them (Google Search users) and if your content is really useful for them, then we want to rank it.”


The main takeaway is that Google values the user experience. So, how do you go about improving the user experience on your website? It all starts with technical SEO. And, there are two parts to technical SEO that you need to understand:

  1. There are high-impact technical issues, and
  2. There are low-impact technical issues.


According to HubSpot, a 1-second delay in website loading speed can reduce conversions by 7%. Increasing your website loading speed, however, can increase conversions. Mozilla Firefox reduced their average loading time by 2,2 seconds, which increased their downloads by 15,4%. That is a massive increase for a website like Firefox, which gets a ton of downloads already.


At the very minimum, you should get your website’s loading speed to 3 seconds or less. The first thing you should do is benchmark your site’s loading speed. You can go to tools.pingdom.com and enter your URL. It is a good idea to run your site through Pingdom from at least three different locations so that you can get an average loading speed.


There are countless resources online on how to improve your website’s loading speed. But, if there is one thing that determines how quickly your website loads, it is your web hosting. You can make all kinds of micro changes to try to improve your website’s loading speed, but nothing will make a bigger difference than your web host.


Most of the people who follow this blog have already mastered other areas of SEO, such as link-building, on-page and off-page optimization and they have implemented a responsive web design. It’s time to start focusing on the user experience. Contact The Digital Marketing People for small business marketing today.


Don’t Let These Digital Marketing Mistakes Damage Your Brand

digital marketing

Digital marketing seems pretty straightforward, right? You build a website, start email marketing and spend as much time promoting your brand on social media as possible. Think again! Unless you have a very clear strategy with very clear goals, it is easy to make tragic mistakes when it comes to digital marketing and your brand’s online reputation. Here are a few common mistakes that you definitely want to avoid at all costs:

  • Neglecting Mobile Users

Nowadays, the majority of Google searches are conducted using a mobile device, like a smartphone or a tablet. Never mind the new algorithm updates that seem to penalize websites and their rankings if they have not optimized for mobile. Basically, if you have not made sure that your website is responsive and accommodating to all methods of browsing, you are losing out on a lot of business, and you can be sure that it is one of the main reasons why you can’t seem to make that top spot on Google.

  • Not Using Content Marketing To Your Advantage

From blogs to videos, digital marketing is all about content: creating content, sharing content, engaging with content. If you are not doing any of this, you can be sure that you are not reaping the maximum rewards of your online marketing efforts.

  • Targeting Blindly

Digital marketing can be a relatively affordable exercise if you know who you are targeting. With so many tools that allow you to target your audience incredibly specifically, from age and gender to online behaviour and interests, you can achieve incredible results with the minimum budget if you use these tools correctly and do proper research into who your customer really is. Not only will this knowledge help you in the realm of digital marketing, but it will also help you with every other aspect of your business too.

If you are looking for expert assistance when it comes to digital marketing, small business marketing, email marketing, SEO and social media marketing, look no further than the Digital Marketing People. Contact us today to learn more.