Why Your Strategy Should Combine Content Marketing with PPC


Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is currently amongst the most popular strategies used to profit from unique content generated by businesses. The main objective of PPC is to boost the impact of both the already existing and new online audiences.

Research shows that PPC is a crucial vessel for the profitable sales made by online businesses, with the majority of advertisers investing their advertising budget to remarketing ads.

Reasons to Combine Content Marketing with PPC

Smart marketers will combine organic SEO with PPC to boost their business marketing efforts. By adding PPC as part of your content marketing strategy, you may bring positive results if you combine it with useful and unique content creation. Combining PPC with content creation strategies could help your business or brand increase interaction between your already existing and potential new audiences, while simultaneously increasing your profits in the long run.

But, to successfully do this, you have to separate your online audience first. In the current technological world, most online audiences have devoted most of their time in social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and you may have noticed greater engagement on these platforms. However, there are other online audiences that prefer a more comprehensive interaction. Such audiences are found in blogs and online forums. To match the needs of your business’s respective online target audience, learn which digital channels you should invest your PPC advertising budget in.

Using your digital marketing agency’s strategy, you can figure out the best type and style of your PPC content to match the specific audience you select. While PPC can help boost plenty of visits towards your site by merely targeting the proper audience, you also have to implement an SEO strategy to add even higher value to your marketing efforts. Using your PPC strategy, you can create content that can be creatively combined with the right meta-descriptions and headlines, which can be optimized based on the keywords you selected as per your strategic plan of promotion.

However, even though PPC can help to significantly boost traffic to your site, the primary goal of combining strategy and content marketing with PPC is to transform visitors into customers. This is particularly key in Facebook ads.

This is why you should not forget the quality of your content. You should still focus on providing content that is useful and reliable. By carefully monitoring the content you’re retargeting and remarketing, you will reap benefits with PPC links and successfully add valuable information to your site visitors and turn them into loyal clientele.

Failing to produce high-quality content aimed at your audience, interacting with PPC ads will produce negative results and weaken any efforts for maximizing the positive results of your PPC marketing budget.

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Which PPC Option Is More Effective – Facebook Ads or Google AdWords?


Determining how to spend your advertising budget online can be tough. In this blog post, the PPC experts at Digital Marketing People discuss the key differences that you need to keep in mind when deciding between Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

With Google Adwords, you’ve got Gmail ads, YouTube, the display network, and a variety of bits. With Facebook, you’ve got the world’s biggest social media platform. Which one is more effective? We investigate:

Google AdWords 

Google AdWords is the highest quality leads you can generate for your business, but they are on average about five times more expensive than a Facebook lead. A search based lead is a very high-quality lead because it is intent-based. Someone has a problem, they search for a solution online, see an ad about the problem and get taken to a landing page that is tailored to speak to their specific challenge.


On Facebook, people are not searching for a problem so there are not intent-based leads. What you can do, however, is target people who might have that problem. You can create lookalike audiences and find the small segment of people who might have that problem, so if you do your targeting right, you can also find high-quality leads.

People will scroll in their newsfeed on Facebook and see your ad. The cost for these leads is lower, but you need to plan how you are going to turn the Facebook user into a client with captivating and engaging content.

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Marketing Automation Makes Engagement Easy – Here’s How

Very few business owners have the time they would like to nurture personal relationships with each and every client. We doubt there’s a business owner alive who has the time to get around to everything they need to do. It is for this reason that people turn to automation. Have you stopped to consider how marketing automation can help you with your client engagement strategy?

A common reservation is that marketing automation is impersonal and takes away from your personal interactions with clients. Marketing automation includes all the touch points and interactions that allow people to know you, trust you and ultimately build your brand.

If you want to boost your bottom line, then you need to invest in marketing. You can’t sit back and hope that people will magically find your business. Here’s how you can use marketing automation to make your interactions with clients more personal:

Emails To Nurture Your Leads

You can set up your email marketing to blast out quick and simple emails, or you can create a complex set of emails that need to be delivered to recipients in a specific sequence based on pre-defined triggers and behaviours. The better you get with email marketing, the more personalization you can add to them. Consider the impact of sending personalized promotions or following up with customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. It can work wonders for your business.

Mobile Engagement

You can create a consistent experience with your brand through mobile apps and mobile marketing. Everything from push notifications to delivering the right message at the right time can be used to create a seamless experience with your business.

Social Media Automation

You can automate all of the following:

  • Schedule posts in advance,
  • Create polls and other content that people like to engage with, and
  • Include share buttons on all your website content to allow your website visitors to share their content with friends effortlessly.

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The Most Common Reasons Why A PPC Campaign Isn’t Converting

Are your PPC campaigns getting a bunch of clicks, but only a few conversions? Here are some of the most common reasons why you’re not seeing results:



  • Inexperience


As a digital marketing agency who manages everything from retargeting strategies to Facebook ads, we have found the most common reasons why PPC campaigns do not work is because the person managing the campaign doesn’t always know what they are doing. It’s true that Google AdWords has a lot of resources and that it is easy to set up a campaign yourself, but inexperienced people often miss big opportunities that could make a significant change in their PPC results.



  • Your Bidding Is Off


When we say that the ‘bidding is off’, we mean the following:

  • That you might not be using native keywords,
  • You are bidding too much,
  • Your budget is too much,
  • Your goals aren’t set or defined, and so on.


The people who manage the most successful campaigns are those who sit at a desk and work on PPC campaigns all day. They aren’t social media people, bloggers,  strategists or involved in other aspects. PPC campaign management is a craft that is perfected over years.



  • Your Budget Isn’t Big Enough


Another reason why PPC campaigns don’t convert is that the budget isn’t big enough. If your competitor is spending $15,000 and you are spending $1,500, you might get a few of the leads, but not enough to make a difference. PPC is an auction system. It’s like eBay. If you bid $1 on an item and another person bids $5, eBay is going to give the item to the person who bid $5.


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Our Guide To SEO Reputation Management

Online reputation management, when combined with SEO, is a powerful tool that businesses can use to ensure their potential clients and stakeholders get the right information about their business when they do research online. Many times, people only contact digital marketing experts for online reputation management when something goes wrong.

Events that can trigger a reputational risk include poor reviews. Sometimes the negative feedback is legitimate, other times the source can be a malicious attack from competitors. As everyone knows, when something is posted online, it is virtually impossible to remove. Your best bet is to focus on how you can use the power of SEO to improve your own reputation online.

If you type your company name into Google, what pops up? You will likely see a Google Maps result, links to your website, as well as links to your social media profiles.  If a negative review has been posted on an authoritative website, such as TripAdvisor or Hello Peter, it may also appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

Instead of trying to get the website to take down the unflattering feedback, your best bet is to create high-quality content that can outrank the negative review. You should also consider posting a response to the complainant and addressing their concern.

What type of content should you post if you want to outrank bad PR? Here are a few options:

  • A how-to blog post
  • A guest blog on a popular website in your industry
  • A white paper
  • A YouTube tutorial

Make sure that the content you create is not only professionally written, helpful and engaging, but that it is optimized for the right keywords. Your company’s name, as well as any people within your business who are mentioned online, should be included in the new content you are creating for online reputation management purposes. Work with a digital marketing agency to make sure you are targeting the correct keywords. You can also use Google Reviews to write reviews and encourage your clients to do the same.

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All The Best Local SEO And Link-Building Techniques

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO has changed a lot over the past few years, and many people still have a lot of misconceptions about this topic. In 2015, Google changed their rankings in the map pack from 7 to 3. While it is now easier to get into the map pack, we also have to put in a little more effort when it comes to generalized SEO. To be found in the map pack, you need to focus on links and organic SEO.

In 2016, Google deployed its Possum update, which made it much more important for users to be close to their location. In a nutshell: the customized results that you see in the map back are based on your proximity, not just how well your SEO is doing.

Today, a big part of local SEO revolves around links and local content, so don’t fret if a potential client is trying to find you but isn’t actually nearby. If you do a search in Google, the top spot is the map pack, followed by directory listings, followed by organic search results.

Your top priority is your generalized SEO. Making sure you have high-quality inbound links, blog content and reviews are already a step in the right direction. The directory listings refer to websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Contrary to popular belief, directory listings and reviews don’t necessarily hold as much weight as the map pack and organic search results.

The organic search results under the directory listings is where the old school, tried and tested link building and SEO techniques can come in. When Google sees you are regularly updating your website with blog content and that authoritative websites are linking to your content, you will be able to sustainably increase your organic search results.

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Why You Need To Rethink Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019

digital marketing

Countless companies tend to recycle their digital marketing strategy from the previous year without updating it according to the latest online trends. This can result in a stale, predictable approach to digital marketing, PPC and retargeting. Not only that, but it could also lead to a decrease in the success of your online marketing efforts. Here’s why and how to rethink your digital marketing strategy for 2019:

  • Your Objectives

As every digital marketing agency worth its salt knows, your digital marketing strategy means nothing if you haven’t clearly defined your objectives! Needless to say, objectives change from year to year. So before you change anything else, be sure to revisit this section of your plan and think carefully about what you would like to have achieved by this time next year.

  • Social Media

Are you focusing most of your attention on SEO and your company’s website? While this is indeed very important, you will also want to be sure that you’re dedicating enough time to creating a good social media presence for your business, too. You can generate even more traffic to your website through Facebook ads and remarketing, for example. Plus, you’ll be able to speak to your customers directly – talk about invaluable insights into your efforts!

  • Investigate Competitors 

Before you dive head-first into implementing your strategy, it would definitely be worth your while to check up on your competitors and what they have achieved through their digital marketing efforts in the previous year. Staying up to date with your competitors is almost as important as being innovative and original.

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Email Marketing Tips for Your Holiday Campaigns

Reputation Management

Whether you have recovered from Thanksgiving or not, Halloween is nearly upon us. Remembrance Day and Veterans’ Day are around the corner. American Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day and countless random celebrations such as “Fountain Pen Day”, “World Diabetes Day” and even “Bartender Appreciation Day!” Are you in need of some email marketing tips for your holiday campaigns?


  • Tip 1 – Keep It on the Up-and-Up

Spam is the surest way to create a terrible first impression, to get you into trouble with the cyber-police and to ruin your efforts at email marketing. So, make sure that you have the proper permission to add contacts to your mailing list.


  • Tip 2- Make It Worthwhile 

Considering that those on your email list have shared with you that most precious of commodities – their email addresses – you need to keep them happily engaged so that they not only stick around but also come to be ambassadors for your business.


Valuable content marketing will do just that and encourage those on your mailing list to share content, which is humorous, insightful, informative or entertaining. The ripple effect should bring in additional subscribers.


  • Tip 3 – Go Snow White Internet service providers (ISPs) are getting stricter about what they allow in, and what they block. Just like a good Western where a cowboy wearing a white hat was regarded as trustworthy, so safe email recipients are white listed. At the top of your emails – especially on the thank you and initial follow-up email – provide instructions to add your email address to the recipient’s address book.


  • Tip 4 – Automate 

With all those holidays mentioned in the introduction, you could easily forget to send a mail. Rather than wasting brainpower remembering to hit “send”, use marketing automation to ensure that you never miss the perfect opportunity to connect with your fans.


The Digital Marketing People 


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Is Your PPC Strategy Ready for Black Friday?


With just six weeks until Black Friday, you are probably working hard on planning the special deals you plan to offer. Chances are you are so busy running your business while also preparing for the sale that you have not given your digital marketing a second thought. Yet, now is the perfect opportunity to get good qualified leads of people looking for exactly what you are selling by using PPC and locally targeted social media marketing.


  • Seriously Social

Like it or not, social media is all around us. In fact, 68% of consumers check out local businesses on social media; and 78% of local searches result in offline purchases. Rather than wasting your valuable time posting to Facebook, Twitter and Google, consider using an affordable digital marketing agency to kick-start and maintain a strong marketing presence in your community on all the important channels. Not only will your social media posts be taken care of, but you will also benefit from a well-crafted landing page designed for conversion.


  • Only Pay for Results

It sounds almost too good to be true, but with Pay-Per-Click advertising, you only pay when a prospect is sufficiently interested in your ad to go ahead and click on the link. That way, you can design a variety of ads, which appeal to a specific target market or to customer personas, and not have to double or triple the cost of displaying them.


Whether you fancy Facebook ads, Google’s AdWords, display ads, YouTube ads or even retargeting on Facebook and remarketing with personalized emails, you pay only for what gets a reaction (or, more specifically, a click!)


The Digital Marketing People


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Why Every Business Needs Community Management Services

ORM Online Reputation Management

So much of the information we rely on comes to us online – be it in electronic publications, social media, or Google reviews. No wonder, then, that businesses of today head to the web to build customer relationships, heighten emotional connections between consumers and brand, and increase customer retention.

  • Boosting a Sense of Community 

Living in a cyber age has increased our yearning for traditional values such as a sense of community. One way to leverage this desire, while at the same time reaching new potential clients is to use a local community platform. By positioning your business on a popular local website, which posts regularly on social media platforms, you tap into a pool of people looking for just what you have to offer. For best results, the community management service you choose should include a local SEO, conversion-optimized and mobile responsive landing page and a click-to-call button so people can easily phone your business with a call-tracking phone number, a contact form that forwards directly to your email, a pay-per-click campaign, and informative analytics.

  • Reputation Management 

Should things not go according to plan – and we know they do not always – your reputation can go downhill fast in the instantaneous cyber community. It is at times like these that immediate corrective action needs to take place. In fact, if executed with sufficient skill, a slip-up can even become a powerful relationship builder.

While you are fixing the problem, a digital marketing agency can handle your online reputation management.

Kickstart and Maintain A Strong Marketing Presence in Your Community 

Get in touch with the Digital Marketing People today. Our community management services are designed to set in motion and sustain a robust marketing presence in your community on all of the important channels.